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By on August 19, 2012

As a place whose vision is to be the home of the best performers of arts and music, the Ministry of Music Performing Arts Academy (MMPAA) is dedicated to the goal of enhancing its students’ love for singing, dancing, acting, playing musical instruments, and stage performance. In line with its vision and goals, MMPAA’s mission is empowering new artists by enhancing their abilities and enabling them to give world-class performances.

MMPAA was started in Molave, Zamboanga, by its director Joseph Joshua Musca and was known as Molave Music and Performing Arts Academy. It started out by affiliating with Potter’s Young Friends Learning Center. After spreading to neighboring cities, its name changed to Mindanao Music and Performing Arts Academy, and the academy’s director opened his own studio.

Musca had begun to work on his love of music in his college days. He previously joined various pop singing competitions and TV programs in Cebu and performed as a backup singer and guest in the Magnificat concert of local artist Raki Vega. He was also affiliated with the Cebu Normal University Chorale and the Camp Lapu-lapu National High School Dance Troupe. He thought of going back to Cebu to help Cebuanos claim their nature as singers. In March 2011, he met cofounder Jhade Redulosa, who had the same passion for singing and for training people to enhance their singing ability. Redulosa became the Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy’s business consultant. Both individuals have a passion not just for music but also for other arts like dancing, acting and modeling, as they used to join school activities that involved such arts, when they were still students.

MMPAA Cebu opened its studio on P. del Rosario Extension on March 24, 2011. In July, MMPAA Cebu moved to a bigger place on A. C. Cortes Avenue, Mandaue, where it began offering voice lessons (with stage performance) and instruments workshop. Incidentally, MMPAA offered a discounted July 2012 price for its voice with stage performance workshop and for follow-up sessions (meant for students who already completed beginner-level workshops with MMPAA) as the academy celebrated the anniversary of its voice workshops launching.

By March 2012, its acting workshop was formally launched. The pioneer class was joined by the two founders. Later that month, modeling was also launched. A head coach was designated, and the modeling workshop tied in with a hair & makeup workshop. Check out the MMPAA Web site at and its Facebook pages so that you can learn more about the academy’s activities.

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Music’s role in people’s lives is that it lets them enjoy listening and performing and lets them have an emotional response to it. MMPAA voice workshops can equip students with quality education that improves their minds and their expressive abilities. Students can enroll for voice workshop with stage performance or for belter’s workshop. The voice coaches at MMPAA have gone through levels of training that include participation in a series of mall shows and concerts, joining competitions, and directing events.

Instruments workshops –

MMPAA’s instruments workshops include training for guitar, violin, drums, and piano/keyboard. For each of the instruments mentioned, beginners’ workshops and follow-up courses are available. The academy believes that its students should not just press the keys or go through the motions of playing the instrument but also learn to read notes and any musical pieces given to them.

Acting workshops –

MMPAA offers workshops for (1) basic acting, (2) theatrical acting and (3) screen acting. On its Web site, you can watch a couple of short films that feature students who finished the academy’s basic acting workshop. The acting coaches at MMPAA are all experienced actors onstage and onscreen, of course.


The modeling workshop offered by MMPAA covers a wide range of information and training on topics such as runway, grooming & makeup, photo poses, etiquette, wardrobe, communication, choreography, and business information to produce competent professional models, with confidence to strive toward their dreams. The beginner’s course (runway) consists of twelve sessions (two hours per session) scheduled twice a week. The academy even has a modeling agency that’s in charge of giving the opportunities for its students and other potential next-generation models to gain exposure and bookings.

For those who want to put even more color into celebrations of birthdays, debuts, weddings or anniversaries and other occasions or into hosting jobs, you may let MMPAA do the job for you. MMPAA caters to clients by serving them with excellent performances at their events, which can often be quite a challenge to handle.

Visit the Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy at the fourth floor of Florem Building, A. C. Cortes Avenue, Mandaue City, beside EMCOR. You may also get in touch with MMPAA at phone number (032)420-2008 or (0923)731-3349.

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  1. MMPAA

    October 28, 2013 at 4:55 PM

    Choose a weekday schedule and Enroll at the Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy and Performing Arts Academy’s Voice with Stage Performance Workshop for only PHP 3500!

    Enjoy and learn from the 12 sessions with a maximum of 2 hours per session.

    Call or text 09237313349 now and get your slot! Promo ends by the 24th of December 2013. Limited slots only!

    Enroll Now.
    (Original Price Remains the same at Php 5990 every Saturdays and Sundays)

  2. Everything Cebu

    November 23, 2012 at 6:13 PM

    Hi, John. You could try to go to the Facebook page for the MMPAA workshops you’re interested in and directly inquire there. Everything Cebu is not connected with MPAA and cannot e-mail you the details you’re asking for.

  3. John

    November 22, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    Good day… If it is not to much, may you please send on my email the details about the school because I kinda find it interesting to be part of your growing family… Please do include also the amount on each workshops would cost… Thank you so much… ^_^

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