The International Academy of Film and Television

By on June 1, 2011

The International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) is an international film school that is currently based in Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines. Founded in April 2004, the school offers up to date resources in filmmaking technology.  IAFT, which is owned by Bigfoot Entertainment, offers short-term and long-term courses in Film production, Acting and Sound Design.

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IAFT’s mission is to develop the artistic quality and talent of every student to its full potential. The school’s curriculum specializes in integrating theory with practical application under the mentorship of recognized industry professionals. Since the institution’s primary goal is to prepare their students for a promising career in filmmaking or acting, the skills of individuals are given emphasis in order to hone them in the rigors of the craft of today’s and tomorrow’s filming industry.

IAFT is an accredited school under the Republic of the Philippines’ Technical Education Skills and Development Authority and the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission. Students will have a lot of opportunities to learn from experienced and distinguished film/acting professionals from various film capitals around the world. These mentors offer valuable and practical experiences in a hands-on work setting.

The students will be assisted by IAFT, under normal circumstances, in getting a Special Study Permit and other immigration requirements. Certificates are given to participants who have completed professional trainings, seminars, lectures and workshops in IAFT. A diploma will also be presented after completing the Diploma Program in Filmmaking.

Students are granted the non-exclusive rights to use media produced during their year of study but for non-commercial purposes only. The said media should also bear the IAFT logo and Web address before each display.

For inquiries or more details, you may visit the site or write to or call these international dial-in numbers:

Philippines: +63 (32) 495-1033

Hong Kong: +852 2545-7000

U.S.: +1 (888) 598-2221 toll-free

Singapore: +65 6327-1741

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