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By on March 19, 2012

Everything Cebu has opened its doors to bloggers who wish to make guest appearances on our Web site and our first article comes from Ms. Dawn Sandiego. As the Marketing Assistant of Speedtalk Language Training Center, she is inviting interested individuals to take part in Speedtalk’s Summer Enrichment Programs.

Speedtalk offers Summer Enrichment Programs for Kids!

With more than 6 years of excellent service, the Speedtalk Language Training Center continues to make its mark in the language learning industry – giving Cebuanos the opportunity to learn Mandarin, English, Japanese, Fookien, Italian, Spanish, and many more. And, because it is more fun in Cebu, foreigners can learn how to speak the Cebuanos’ mother tongue by enrolling in the Speedtalk Visayan program.

Speedtalk BTC Speedtalk Language Training Center

Proud to primarily serve the local market, Speedtalk also offers an English Enhancement Program, which is exclusively designed for Filipinos. For years, it has helped Filipinos gain confidence as they improve their communication abilities. Being a part of Speedtalk means having the opportunity to enjoy the Speedtalk Experience, which is the most unique, effective and fun way to learn a second language. By using a highly interactive and practical teaching method called the Speedtalk Method, you start speaking a second language by learning through practical conversational functions rather than technical grammar explanations and translations. With this unique approach in teaching, you will be forced to speak the new language as easily as your first language. Learning a new language is made even more effective with Speedtalk’s highly qualified instructors, who have all undergone our rigid Instructor Training Program. All Speedtalk Instructors, are either native speakers or native-fluent speakers. To supplement live conversational instruction, Speedtalk provides worksheets, exercises and homework. All these Speedtalk Materials are designed in-house and developed for the exclusive use of Speedtalk Language Training Center. Conveniently located in two of the city’s major shopping malls – Banilad Town Centre and Ayala Center – both learning facilities are equipped with a professional set-up and comfortable design to complement the unique learning experience. Speedtalk Summer Enrichment Programs: Empowering Youngsters for the Future Digital Poster Summer enrichment programs 300x226 Speedtalk Language Training Center This summer 2012, engage your kids in a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Encourage their interest, maximize their potential and give them the opportunity to discover and experience new things with Speedtalk’s Summer Enrichment Programs. Designed to empower youngsters for the future, kids ages 6 to 12 can now learn new skills while having a great time! Learning a second language at an early age has countless lifetime benefits. Benefits like enriching mental development, enhancing public speaking abilities, and building confidence are only some of the many advantages our child will receive and carry with them forever. Through the process of learning a new language, kids are exposed to new cultures, new concepts and new experiences – making them more open-minded and accepting of new things that the world around them can offer. Nowadays, knowing English is just not enough, so give your child a head start now before it’s too late! Speedtalk is offering its most popular programs for kids like Mandarin, Japanese and Fookien (Amoy). Using the effective Speedtalk Method of Instruction, Speedtalk has applied the same concepts and techniques to design its language programs for kids. Through games, arts and crafts, storytelling, show and tell, reading activities, role play, songs and rhymes, kids will learn how to introduce themselves, greet others, count and construct basic sentences (and many many more) in a new language. Conducted in a highly interactive environment matched with exclusively developed materials that utilize tons of age-appropriate activities, Speedtalk makes sure that learning a second language will be a fun and effective experience. Aside from second language learning, Speedtalk also offers Personality Development, which helps kids value the concept of self-mastery by eliminating their shyness and building their confidence. Employing tons of fun-filled activities, your child will surely enjoy the process of learning how to deal with other people and new experiences. Plus, together with its partners who are specialists in their respective fields, Speedtalk will also be offering even more enrichment programs. Inspire the little Picasso in your child with well-known Cebuano artist, Celso Pepito, in Speedtalk’s Art Workshop. Capture picture-perfect moments with Mickie Go and Dan Ong of Banana Babies in Basic Photography. Bamboo Flute classes with Javier Cano of Cebu Flute will give your kids the chance to express themselves through music. Get your child’s creative juices flowing in Creative Crafts with Gina Arjona of St. Michael’s Play Garden. With such wide range of programs to choose from, kids will surely find something that they’ll enjoy learning! Make Speedtalk your kids’ “ONE-STOP SHOP” this summer where they can join several programs all in one convenient location. Help them make the most out of their potential (and their free time over summer) by enrolling them in multiple classes. With Speedtalk’s Summer Enrichment Programs, learning has never been this fun and summer time has never been this productive. Classes will run from April 16 to May 8, 2012, and will have a second run from May 9 to May 31, 2012. So, hurry and register your kids now because all classes are limited to a maximum of 8 seats only! For more information, call the Speedtalk Language Training Center at:

  • 2nd Level, Banilad Town Centre: 416-1618 / 416-1718 / 0917-628-8255
  • 4th Level, Services Ayala Center: 412-1618 / 412-1718 / 0917-828-8255

Check us out at www.speedtalkcenter.com. Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/speedtalkcenter. View Larger Map

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