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By on March 27, 2009

Cebu City is a chartered city and is independent from Cebu. Being considered under the classification of a highly urbanized city or an independent city, it is not therefore under the jurisdiction of the province. The registered voters of the city are not allowed to vote for provincial candidates unlike its nearby counterparts, the cities of Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu and Talisay that form part of Metro Cebu.

The province of Cebu is headed by Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, while the vice governor is Agnes Magpale. The capital of Cebu is Cebu City, where the Provincial Capitol is located. The mayor of Cebu City is Michael L. Rama and the vice mayor is Joy Augustus G. Young. (Updated 07/14/11)

Cebu City is governed mainly by city hall, composed of one mayor, one vice-mayor and sixteen councilors. The public elects each official which serves a term of three years. There are eight councilors representing the northern region, and eight councilors representing the southern region. The chief of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) also holds a place in the council. The city administrator handles the day-to-day administration of the city.

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The bayanihan spirit still permeates among the rural barangays in the country.

Cebu City is politically subdivided into 80 barangays. The city is grouped into two congressional districts, the north and south districts. There are 46 barangays in the northern district while there are 34 barangays in the southern district. According to the latest census conducted by the Philippine National Statistics Office, the total estimated population of the province of Cebu is 4,223,500. (Updated 07/14/11)


Cebu is divided into 9 cities and 49 municipalities. The highly urbanized cities which are administratively independent of Cebu Province are Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City and Mandaue City. The component cities of the province are Carcar, Danao, Talisay and Toledo. The voters in the component cities are allowed to vote and run for positions in the provincial government.

The cities and municipalities are headed by a mayor. Cities — both component and independent ones — and the municipalities are further divided into barangays. The barangay is the smallest political unit and each barangay is led by a barangay captain.

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