H. W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital

By on July 9, 2011

H. W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital is a general health institution that is operated and owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The hospital was named after Dr. H. W. Miller. He is a distinguished “China Doctor” and nutritional researcher from California, who pioneered the use of soybeans into commercial use. He invented the delicious soya milk that is present at Miller Hospital. “Memorial” was added to the official name of the hospital after his death.

The hospital was opened on April 8, 1956, under the supervision of Dr. Francisco T. Geslani. It started as a 20-bed health facility, with a 16-person skeletal working force. Because of its increasing patronage, the hospital added a new wing in 1964 to address the increasing need of the community for a larger and better facility.

In August 1970 up to the present time, Dr. Manuel J. Tornilla, Jr. is assigned as the Medical Director/President.

H. W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital aims to provide the best and optimum health care physically, mentally, and spiritually of any individual regardless of race or religion.

It is continually committed to improve its health care services and standards to bring forth customer satisfaction at all times.

Today, H. W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital offers a sophisticated two storey and 60-bed capacity hospital. A new solid concrete structure was built, and together with the physical renovation, clinical facilities were enhanced accordingly.

H. W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital is located along 400 Tres de Abril Street, Barangay San Nicolas, Cebu City, just at the back of the PLDT building. For more information, you may e-mail send to info@millerhospital.com or call (032)261-2100. You may also visit their Web site: http://www.millerhospital.com/

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  1. Everything Cebu

    September 7, 2012 at 4:57 PM

    We are sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, Ann. Since Everything Cebu is not connected with Miller Hospital, we believe that it is best that you course your complaints to the hospital so necessary actions will be done.

    Good luck!

  2. Ann

    September 6, 2012 at 6:00 PM

    We had such a bad experience with their service,during admission the doctor who was checking my sister was so doubtful what was causing her pain. Guessing and guessing. While waiting for her wild guess why my sister was suffering from an absolute pain somehere in her stomach there were pain relievers and other Miller pharmacy charged treatments being taken.If you ask the nurses for a hopeful result all they reply were “let us wait for the doctor”.Then I said my goodness my sister is almost dying for pain and all they say is wait so I decided to arrange a transfer to a public hospital where people like us can only afford.We were here since this was the nearest hospital from our house for a first aid we thought for an undefined stomachache. But guess what? before I could transfer my sister we already have a total 10thousand bill for the short 9hours period.We were all so mad since all we have is 10k in our pocket and what my sister got was only pain relievers and other intakes that has not delivered a single relief.How could we now transfer to the public hospital when we no longer have a single bill for her next admission? All the way we continued to stay. Alas that female doctor went to Manila for a reason. With that there was another doctor to attend. Perhaps he was the answer to the pain,he firmly diagnosed it was appendicitis since the pain goes only on the right part of my sister’s stomach.Then it was time for operation. But before that we need to make an assurance that my brother’s 30thousand savings is expected to have a 50 thousand balance will be paid on time. So we risk for it since a family friend doctor advised us to stop another hospital transfer as it would become a risk to my sister diagnosed for a “bursted appendicitis”,as in “bursted”.The operation was succesful even with the 30k partial payment. Of course we had to ask favor to the hospital for that.Then this hospital suggested for us to ask assistance from firms like PCSO. Now we have to struggle on the requirements. It was Wednesday and all this hospital could say was,sorry the in-charge for the assistance programs details is on a day-off so we have to wait until Thursday. By then Thurs came. Unfortunately one of the requirements was the medical abstract but the doctor is nowhere to be found yet we have to wait on the next day then.How can we get to the PCSO when in fact even on a 2am dawn PCSO office line-up is already long.How much time shall we wait for that doctor for a simple medical abstract would not reach our priority form the PCSO?PCSO only opens until Friday so we no longer have time. This hospital is really killing us. Absolutely no good for poor people conveniences.Not talking about other services,it was never okay for ward patients.

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