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By on October 27, 2011

“Ipaagi lang og lakbay-lakbay/patid labay-labay sa lata nga gamay,” if you are a full-fledged Cebuano, you may have heard this on the radio more than once. This catchy line is actually from the song Suroy-Suroy, which is among the popular songs of Missing Filemon.

Considered as one of the most successful Cebuano bands, Missing Filemon was formed in 2002, by Lorenzo “Insoy” Niñal (vocals/guitars). Joining him are Eimer Tabasa on drums and Arni Aclao on bass. In 2005, Aclao left to rejoin his old band and was replaced by Ron Carpio. Cocoy Hermoso, a guitarist, became the fourth member of the band.

In his interview with Sunstar on the same year, Niñal shared how it started. He said his theme came from classic Visayan folk song entitled “Si Filemon.” Asked what their songs were about, he said: “Our songs are usually what people call “mabaw” (shallow). You hear the lyrics and you don’t have to think of what they mean. They employ overused themes like friendship, unrequited love, memories of childhood, themes so simple you can’t hide behind symbols.”

missing filemon Missing Filemon

Paving the way for Bisaya Rock (also referred to as Bisrock), Missing Filemon released their self-titled debut album in November 2003, under Independent Culture Records.  It was produced by Ian Zafra of the band Shiela and the Insects. In fact, all 11 tracks are in Cebuano. In 2007, Missing Filemon released their second album entitled Sine-Sine, which also had 11 Cebuano tracks.

Cebuanos will be happy to know that after a hiatus, the Missing Filemon is set to release their third album entitled “KAWANANGAN.” on September 2012. They recently held a CD cover artwork contest (Updated September 13, 2012).

For news and updates, you may visit www.missingfilemon.com. You may also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Missing Filemon (2003)

  1. Eskina
  2. Kumusta
  3. Ngano Ba
  4. Brader Eloy
  5. Habo-habo
  6. Balangaw
  7. Inday
  8. Suroy-Suroy
  9. Alas 4
  10. Kamagayan
  11. Inday (Intro and Harana Version)

Sine-Sine (2005)

  1. Intro
  2. Prinsipal
  3. Englisera
  4. Langit
  5. Uranus
  6. Harana
  7. Taming
  8. Sine Sine
  9. Kung Ako Ka Pa Lang
  10. Soap Opera
  11. Sine-Sine (Acoustic Version)

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