Dolphin House Resort

By on September 24, 2009

dolphin house1 Dolphin House Resort

The Municipality of Moalboal in the southwestern portion of the province of Cebu has become a famous tourist destination due to the presence of several dive sites surrounding the town, which includes the Dolphin House Beach Resort.

A three-hectare tropical garden, Dolphin House Beach Resort is situated at the tip of Bas Daku (White Beach), Moalboal. This place offers great opportunities for snorkeling and diving.

Here are their rates:

  • Panorama Terrace Room - PhP4,500 (single); PhP6,000 (double); PhP7,000 (triple). This type of room is connected to a large balcony that overlooks the pool area.
  • Deluxe Bungalow - PhP5,500 (single); PhP8,000 (double); PhP9,500 (triple). This type of room has its own private terrace with a wonderful view of the surrounding tropical garden.
  • Suite Bungalow - PhP6,000 (single); PhP9,500 (double); PhP11,000 (triple); PhP12,300 (quad). This type of room has two floors with living room, balcony and terrace.

dolphin house2 Dolphin House Resort

The resort has its own PADI dive center to provide its guests the best services possible and carry out all their needs. Other sites near the resort are the marine sanctuary, airplane wreck, White Beach point, Tuble reef, Kasai point, Pescador Island, and more.

When you go halfway into the dive between 17 meters and 22 meters deep, you will see many small caves. If you look inside the caves, there is a very good chance you will see some Moray eels and turtles. You will also see some big colorful sea fans and nice black corals at 20 meters deep. The reef fishes you will see include Fusiliers, Damselfish, Anthias fish, Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Puffer fish and Moorish idol and if you are lucky, you will sometimes see some whitetip sharks and whale sharks. Other marine animals you will see are pygmy sea horses and shrimps.

The Dolphin House Beach Resort  is located at White Beach, Saavedra, Moalboal, Cebu. For inquiries and reservations, please call (032) 474-0073. You may also check out their Web site at

The Municipality of Moalboal is on the southwest coast of Cebu and about 88 kilometers from Cebu City. A variety of Ceres and Librando buses and some vans for hire at the Cebu South Bus Terminal ply the route going to Moalboal. The estimated travel time from Cebu City to Moalboal is about 2 ½ hours. Once you get to Moalboal, you can ask tricycle drivers to take you to the resort. (Update 07/19/11)

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  1. tish

    May 25, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    I agree. We must be very careful when traveling, especially along highways and express routes.

  2. Gladys Cornwell

    February 2, 2011 at 10:08 PM

    Be very carefull when your going to Moalboal as there is many accident happening there mainly because of the Bus Driver tend to overtake even on very narrow road or on dangeraous road’s, look out for Jeagan’s bus as their Bus Driver’s are very rough on the road…

  3. Cookie

    December 4, 2010 at 3:34 PM

    Never go to this place. It’s really far from town. Once you go there, no option but eating super expensive meals. Disgusting rooms, food and gangster owner.

  4. lalaine arenas

    August 1, 2010 at 11:41 PM

    do you accept students to have their OJT (on the job traing) at your resort?

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