Tips in Buying a Guitar in Cebu

By on July 27, 2011

Cebu is indeed known for creating affordable yet high-quality classical and acoustic guitars, but that does not mean that you can just buy any random Cebu-made guitar that you see. Before heading to Lapu-Lapu City in Mactan, make sure you do your homework.

guitars Tips in Buying a Guitar in Cebu

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Everything Cebu is here to provide you with helpful tips in buying a guitar.

1. Set goals.

Why do you want to buy a guitar? Is it for a serious hobby or just casual enjoyment? If you intend to use it often because you are majoring in music or your band has regular gigs, buy the finest guitar that you can pay for. On the other hand, if it just for occasional use, you may get an inexpensive yet decent basic guitar.

2. Bring someone who is knowledgeable in guitars.

Bring along a knowledgeable friend, not just for moral support but for advice. This is very helpful especially to newbies to avoid being tricked into buying an overpriced or low-quality guitar.

3. Visit all the shops in the area and compare prices.

Try to visit Susing’s Guitar, Alegre Guitars, Guitar Master, Jerry’s Guitar, Celia’s Guitar, and other shops in the area so you would know what they have to offer. Checking out different shops will enable you to make right decisions and get the best deals.

4. Try out the guitars and inspect the materials and workmanship.

Each guitar has a unique feel because of the differences in shape and neck thickness. Make sure the neck feels comfortable so the instrument will be easier to play. Stay away from those made from cheap materials and go for solid woods such as acacia, narra, mahogany, ebony, Canadian spruce, Engelmann spruce or the combination of such.

Both beginners and advanced players need a high-quality guitar for their success and satisfaction. Purchase the best guitar that suits your budget and it will greatly enhance your learning and enjoyment.

5. Haggle.

The most important thing you must know when buying guitars in Cebu is that shops allow buyers to haggle. An effective trick that will greatly help you is having a neutral expression. Don’t get overly excited or looking too eager as the sellers won’t give you the lowest price. If you still think that the price is expensive, transfer to the next shop.

On top of these tips, we suggest that you enjoy your search for a new guitar in Cebu. Good luck!

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