About Everything Cebu

Warning! This site can induce homesickness for Cebuanos abroad, while foreigners will have to endure an irresistible urge to schedule a vacation in any one of Cebu’s white sand beach resorts. This will most likely result to an upsurge in Cebuano pride.

Indeed, you’ve come to the right place! Everything you’ll ever need and want to know about Cebu is here.

Everything Cebu is a Web site featuring the endearing bits and pieces of Cebu. It aims to give its visitors a better understanding of the distinctive Cebuano culture by featuring truly Cebuano places, events, food, and people, among other subject matters that might peak our interests.

Apart from entertainment purposes, the proud Cebuanos behind Everything Cebu try to reach out to our readers by providing helpful personal recommendations and including lists of useful information. However, unless otherwise indicated, we claim no affiliations with these establishments/entities and do not engage in business transactions such as buying and selling.

And as we say in Cebuano, “hinaut nalingaw kamo sa inyung pagbisita, balik-balik kamo!” [We hope you enjoyed your stay, do come again!]

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Everything Cebu